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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Allies Who Lead Us To A Syrian Disaster

Zeev Elkin, Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel

Yahoo News this morning:
JERUSALEM (AP) — Zeev Elkin has faced a wave of criticism since he was made the de facto chief of Israel's Foreign Ministry two months ago: He isn't prepared for compromise with the Palestinians. He doesn't speak English well enough. He is a West Bank settler.
But Israel's deputy foreign minister, who is the top official until a new foreign minister is named, makes no apologies for his ideology or background, and in fact thinks they are an advantage. Claiming to reflect the "real positions" of most Israelis, Elkin says the world should get used to dealing with Jewish settlers and right-wing Israeli politicians.
"It is a mistake to think the Foreign Ministry needs a person whose views the world would rather hear but do not reflect the government or the majority in Israel," Elkin said in an interview. "You cannot fool the world."
Elkin, a rising star in Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party, was handed the No. 2 spot at the Foreign Ministry following parliamentary elections early this year...
People like Mr. Elkin know what the deal is in the Middle East. Only our leaders pretend something different. We shall carry the burden for years for this Syrian mess.


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