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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 AP Photo of Syrian Rebel

You would think that it would be a few more years before the next big flash crash of our society, but I do not think so. Things tend to accelerate. Just like climate change: originally it was thought that changes would be gradual and long-term; now they are washing in with the daily tide.

Acceleration will keep our minds occupied, so we shall not dwell over much on the brave, new world.

I am personally making plans to be disinvested in all markets by 2016.

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I do not have a representation to accompany my intuition; I do not see tides of blood, whores of Babylon, or  Wall Street 1929 or 2008. I'm just keeping my eye on the ball of the future.

I was feeling pretty chipper, even though we had a number of funerals this year. I felt good until I saw that picture of the Syrian Free Army rebel who was showing off his body tattoos of women.
Tattoos are quite definitely un-Islamic...
and tattoos that depict humans seem blasphemous from the point of view of Eastern iconoclasm...

It was then I felt as if I sensed the Desolation of Abomination standing in the holy place...

and everything began to change. I still don't "see" anything, but I have the feeling of a blade of ice seeking my heart.

I feel like my body is the tanned leather of the market of 'Ukazi, near Mecca, scraped with calamities to come!


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