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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Super Affleck
A new petition on demands just that -- that Affleck, who will play the role of Batman in the upcoming sequel to the Superman film "Man of Steel," be stripped of his cape before he even gets to put it on.

I have seen a number of Mr. Affleck's films, the latest being Argo, which I thought was a superlative film, and a chance to see how he acts using an intelligent scripts.

Every film of his that I thought was jejune or worse was a film based upon tedious and sophomoric script.
I consider even Good Will Hunting to be very derivative (The Brothers McMullen), not nearly as enchanting as its model (where Brothers McMullen scintillates, Good Will sputters), and almost verging on deadly caricature (Robin Williams caricaturing himself in, oh, take your pick: The Fisher King, What Dreams May Come, yadda-yadda-yadda...
Of course, the only alternative they had would have been Morgan Freeman doing voice-over...)

Of course, Ben Affleck is one of the credited writers, the other being Matt Damon, of Good Will Hunting, so his wounds there were self-inflicted.

Argo was a masterpiece, and Mr. Affleck was perfect; he engaged our attention and never hit a false note, nor did he let us down.

The character he portrayed was uniquely delineated, and it was the believable detail that allowed him to demonstrate just how good he is.

Superman? Batman?  Daredevil?

Depends on the script...


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