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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some States Are Red....

... about the Affordable Care Act.

From The Daily Yonder:

...   “Too Poor” to Qualify for Help. Meanwhile, the St. Louis Post Dispatch and Kaiser Health News report that the failure of states to expand Medicaid creates a big gap for low-income uninsured residents, and the Affordable Care Act has no way to fix it.
Residents who make less than $11,490 ($15,510 for a couple) won’t get any help from the government in paying health insurance premiums because they make too little. Medicaid was supposed to cover folks in this income category. But people who live in states that don’t expand Medicaid won’t be getting that assistance, and the Affordable Care Act has no provision for helping these low-income residents with private health-insurance premiums.
The story estimates that the gap will affect nearly a quarter of a million residents in Missouri alone.

Hard to comprehend.


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