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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Syria Today

Syria will allow UN inspectors immediate access to the zone where it is claimed a chemical attack occurred.
It sure sounds like the act of a guilty party.
If the result come back inconclusive or pointing to some shady Saudi deal with someone else in the region, there should be regular heck to pay from those who seek to engage us in another endless war.

Yesterday, my mother was listening to FOX, on which network a blond doll was interviewing a retired army guy. The old army fart said we must immediately ship arms to the rebels, not mentioning how we keep the arms out of the hands of the radical factions... a difficult project since the rebels are now fighting each other in places.

Otherwise the 2 million refugees now will turn into 6 million!
His method of stopping the increase of war refugees is to increase the war... which we started along with NATO and Saudi Arabia and Qatar when we began backing rebels. It is like curing a bacterial infection with more of the same bacteria.

I have heard the Monsters that Lie my entire life, and I am very tired of it.

As far as I can ascertain, President Obama is the sole President since Eisenhower who was able to resist the Military-Industrial lobby's efforts to spread war.
He has fallen prey to the new-since-2001 Surveillance complex, but he is nobody's fool.

As for FOX, if it is not populated by fools, then it is populated by monsters slavering for war.


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