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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Being On The Bad End Of The Bipole Of Democracy

Democracy is coming to an end - temporarily, at least - in our time. Democracy is bipolar, following the psychological make-up of humanity. We are approaching the bad pole of the two bipoles; i.e., the nasty end of the stick.

In the USA, it is quite certain that nothing will be done about the NSA. the CIA, and the FBI, and the police state agencies which have now become borderline rogue entities. We saw what they were capable of at Waco back in 1993, and it is doubtful that any remedies of a lasting nature were applied.

Indeed, a good read would be
Snowden and the three wise NSA whistleblowers
By Peter Lee
There are three well-known NSA whistleblowers: Bill Binney, J Kirk Wiebe, and Tom Drake. They were whistleblowers in the legal sense - they reported to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense and, subsequently, oversight committees of the US Congress that a multi-billion dollar NSA data collection program known as Trailblazer was ineffective and wasteful and another one, Stellar Wind, had been programmed to strip out procedures that prevented acquisition of the data of US citizens (and assured the constitutionality of the program).

These three gentlemen were not, with all due respect to Edward Snowden, pimply-faced junior techs with pole-dancer girlfriends. Drake had spent 12 years at NSA and, before that, 10 years in the Air Force specializing in intelligence....

... Binney, Wiebe, and Drake's complaints became public knowledge in 2007, after the Bush administration searched for the sources of an unrelated leak to the New York Times' James Risen for his expose of illegal NSA surveillance of US citizens.

The FBI decided to talk to Binney. He described his experience to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!:
Well, they came in, and there were like 12 FBI agents with their guns drawn, and came in. My son opened the door, let them in, and they pushed him out of the way at gunpoint. And they came upstairs to where my wife was getting dressed, and I was in the shower, and they were pointing guns at her, and then they - one of the agents came into the shower and pointed a gun directly at me, at my head, and of course pulled me out of the shower. So I had a towel, at least, to wrap around, but - so that's what they did.

And then they took me out and interrogated me on the back porch. And when they did that, they tried to get me - they said they wanted me to tell them something that would be - implicate someone in a crime. ... I said I didn't really know about anything. And they said they thought I was lying. Well, at that point, "OK," I said, "I'll tell you about the crime I know about," and that was that Hayden, Tenet, George Bush, Dick Cheney, they conspired to subvert the constitution and the constitutional process of checks and balances...
We have an elite leadership that does not believe in much of anything, except that they are legendary within their own minds and within their own bank accounts.

We have close relationships with rogues and ruffians in Syria, such as Saudi Arabia, ostensibly rigorously religious and moral, but in reality a group of people who do not actually believe their own perceptions of what they assume to be Holy.
They use religion as a device of compulsion, power, and politics, this being in direct opposition to the holy writings.

Syria is the... "dirty" end of the stick...


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