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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Freedom Box

Garry's Subposthaven:

Security expert Bruce Schneier on what has come to pass:
Imagine the government passed a law requiring all citizens to carry a tracking device. Such a law would immediately be found unconstitutional. Yet we all carry mobile phones.
If the National Security Agency required us to notify it whenever we made a new friend, the nation would rebel. Yet we notify Facebook. If the Federal Bureau of Investigation demanded copies of all our conversations and correspondence, it would be laughed at. Yet we provide copies of our e-mail to Google, Microsoft or whoever our mail host is; we provide copies of our text messages to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint; and we provide copies of other conversations to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever other site is hosting them.
The primary business model of the Internet is built on mass surveillance, and our government's intelligence-gathering agencies have become addicted to that data. 

I really like the Internet.
Yet, it seems true that the business model of the Internet is built on surveillance on a mass scale, from businesses watching what we are interested in and what we are purchasing, to the government watching what we say and whom we say it to.

Can it be changed?

Perhaps Freedom Box?

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