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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Benghazi PTSD Shuts Down The State Department Overseas

US Consulate in Lebanon, 1983

I have a suspicion that the Month The Foreign Service Shut Down, August, 2013, is a precursor of a greater and more severe break down of the ability to formulate and execute policy by the American government.

The years of discord and nastiness has come down to the Democratic administration shutting down the foreign service a number of countries, due to the Benghazi Syndrome, which is that anything that goes wrong, the Republican party will blow it up into a political issue...

... even though when these things originally began, in 1983, when Al Qa'ida blew up the US consulate in Lebanon, the Democratic majorities in the Senate and the House did not seem to even consider impeaching Ronald Reagan for being asleep on the job.

Everything has now become a political issue bandied about by idiots.

We are not headed in a good direction anymore. We shall not realize this, however, until there is even a more severe break down.

The foreign service must shut down, and we must lose our rights; that's how it goes. Oh, add in a few thousand service men and women killed fighting for undefined goals... seeking to win minds and hearts.

Osama is smiling.


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