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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Political Purity and Heisenberg, the White Jew

 Governor Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed a bill barring licensed therapists from trying to turn gay teenagers straight.

Anyone who has read the history of psychological therapies knows full well that therapies that are obsessive and crazed actions aimed at destroying the well being of the subject have existed alongside helpful and loving therapies since the beginning of time.
Since there are no well-defined guidelines for such therapy, allowing for the possibility of "cruel and unusual" therapy would seem to be a hazard society might not wish to take.

Some see it as an issue of parental rights.
However, the notion that parents have the right to establish, amend, and re-write the sexual orientation of a child is an "interesting" stance to take, in my opinion. It is rather like stating that Germany held a therapeutic intervention with Poland in 1939.

Anyway, I am often wrong, so I may be wrong here.

However, some people have brayed out that Gov. Christie is a RINO, Republican In Name Only:

comment from TIME

Christie is nothing more than a plus-size RINO who follows the Alinsky model.He has been a pawn for the Obama dog and phony show.
It seems to me that such adventures into name-calling are attempts to purge the Republican party of unwanted tendencies, an attempt to decrease the so-called size of the tent rather than increase it.

How important is a narrow and radical focus to a political group?

In the 1930's, the great physicist Werner Heisenberg was called a "White Jew" (weisser Jude) because he did not sufficiently divorce himself from the "Jewish" physics that the rest of the world studied, particularly the physics of Relativity as formulated by Albert Einstein, who was the paradigm of "degenerate" and Jewish science to the eyes of the Aryan science of Germany.

 Werner Heisenberg

This Aryan physics was termed "Deutsche Physik", and had prominent scientists, such as Nobelist Phillip Lenard, involved.

"Weisser Jude" was a by-word of a radical effort to effect political purity, even by denying Science. Politics trumped Reality, in other words,and the madness and suffering this caused is well known.

I do not mean to set up a parallel between the Nazis and certain elements of the Republican party.

However, I obviously do intend to set up a parallel between their methods of radical political purity.

Draw any conclusions thereby you wish...


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