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Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Day Which Will Live In Infamy

 Hans Blix, the Unheeded

The intelligence available to the White House about Syria and the chemical attacks is the same type of intelligence that was absolutely certain - 100% certain - that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, even though Hans Blix and the UN weapons inspectors said that there were no such weapons of mass destruction.

Now the UN inspectors go into Syria.

Predictably, the White House and the Congress say that that is too late, for the UN inspectors  cannot do anything to make the situation clear. They are merely marching into a war zone because they have nothing better to do.

If and when this country makes the horribly mistaken decision to take any military action in Syria, it will probably be preceded by a warning to the UN that their inspectors may be at risk.

Thus, the war monsters will make sure 
(1) there is no competent and independent evaluation of the evidence, and 
(2) by a little judicious bombing, any remaining evidence will be destroyed.

These actions are not those of the country I knew. That USA has left the building a long time ago.

Why does it matter to me?

We cannot continue to live under a Political Leadership, Executive and Congress, that allows themselves to be lied to and misdirected, and then allows the entire country to be lied to, its funds misdirected, its happiness turned into suffering, and its pursuits rendered pernicious or futile.

We must draw our own line in the sand... our own red line.


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