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Sunday, August 04, 2013

August Alert

I feel so much better now that the Surveillance State has issued an alert for the entire month of August, and that 21 consulates will close down for the day today. It shows me that Surveillance Saves Lives !

And it shows me just how effective the trillions of dollars spent on military adventure in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 have been. Iraq is a sectarian moveable war zone, Afghanistan is falling apart, the Administration is killing Americans with drones, and our right to not be invaded by an imperial government is fast disappearing.

It was said back in the day that Al Qa'ida wins if they change our way of life.

Bush told us to stay the course and keep on shopping.
That was a telling indication of the opinion our leaders have of us.

Now we cannot operate embassies in certain places, and now some will be closed for a week: empty monuments to empty policies.

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