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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go

War Gets Ready To Chow Down

The White House says that it has positive proof that Mr. Al Assad of Syria, after struggling and finally making progress against the invaders of Syria, has thrown all his accomplishments away by using chemical weapons.

It seems that Mr. Al Assad also unwisely chose to gas mostly children, for those seem to be the predominate number of victims shown on the evening news.

Perhaps there are more civilians suffering somewhere.

Oddly, no soldiers or jihadists seem to be among the gassed. Odd...

As for "positive proof", I have heard it all before. We had a "sure thing" on weapons of mass destruction, just like we had a "can't miss" on yellow cake uranium...

We bet on it, and we lost a couple trillion dollars...

Easy come, easy go.

pic: Ansel Krut

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