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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My local Wal-Mart is no longer a dump.

The workers seem human, and the place is clean and right.

The Great Value extra thin pretzels are back in stock  ( the best pretzels in South Eastern Michigan... ... we only have things like Rold Gold and New Era and Snyders... none of them have any salt, and the Snyders are jaw-breakers. We do not get Utz's around here, and not all Utz's are that good. Some are heavenly. Best pretzels ever are in Vero Beach in a Publix Super Mart... forget the name of 'em. They're little dark small ones.)

I am sorry for all the nasty (but - at the time - true) things I have said about my Wal M.

The coffee filters are in order. I have not checked on-line. All retailers say that their on-line sites are dependable, but they rarely are. Nobody's site is very dependable. Store workers always laugh, and say things like, "Them guys at HQ!"


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