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Thursday, August 08, 2013


Home Bakery, Rochester, Michigan
My Home Away From Home

Are there actually tortilla corn chip-based hats available, such as depicted in Despicable Me 2 ?
A neat idea, and although I cannot envisage myself eating a chip plucked from someone else's hat, I might eat one such corner of my own hat.


I am very lucky when it comes to food. My wife is the excellent cook. (Notice I do not say trite things like "the world's greatest cook",  nor use the word "chef". She is the excellent cook.)
As recently mentioned, I tend to eat solely the evening meal. For the rest of the day, the hunger thereof is sufficient unto itself.
I do eat a small fast breaker of (1) walnuts, and (2) almonds.

One of my favorite dinners is brown rice and spinach and some cheese. I have simple tastes. I find that brown rice with a little butter, salt, and pepper has a wide range of tastes for me, and it is rather a complex gustatory experience.
White rice, on the other hand, although it may be quite good, has a uniform "ricey" taste, not at all like brown rice.

I mean, brown rice as simply prepared as described, seems to have a symphony of tastes.
If not a symphony, then certainly a "quartet" or "trio" of the finest classical or jazz musicians.
There are motifs, sub-motifs, counter-points, and all kinds of complexities in my eating of brown rice.
I think this is the experience that most writers on nutrition and rice-related topics refer to when they say that it has a "nutty" flavor. (I never quite understood why describing Food A [rice] as tasting like Food B [nuts] was deemed to be praise of Food A. I mean, I see no inherent superiority in "nuts" over "rice", taste-wise. I suppose such critics might write of Nuts as being  "pork loin-ish... yummy!" )

On the other end of the speculum (... or "spectrum", I forget which),  there is  a substance called  "Lemon Pepper", which probably seems innocuous to most of you, but which I find is terrifically redolent of the taste of old pennies in my mouth.
I know. As a child, I used to suck on a penny at least once or twice. People used to say things like, "Go suck a penny!", and I must have obeyed their commands. Anyway, lemon pepper tastes like some vile and cuprous thing in my mouth, and I cannot eat anything sprinkled with its baneful dust.

I have cocoa almost everyday. I only use 1 1/2 tsp. sugar, which is sufficient to allay the bitterness of cocoa, and give me a pleasant drink: approximately 25 calories and no fats.
Boil water, pour into bowl containing 2+  Tbsp cocoa, mix with hand blender, pour into mug, add milk, and that's it. It requires about 6 minutes at most.

I am cutting down on my popsicle consumption, too.
I started to reduce the amount of calories I inhaled back in June, 2012. I did this by eating 2 types of popsicles when I became hungry, Popsicle Sugar Free brand and Kroger No Sugar Added, giving a caloric count of 15 and 25 respectively.
So when I felt the need to snack, I could chow down on a mess of popsicles, and have a snack that had less than 100 calories, whereas under the old regime, I would have had 500 to 800 calories, easy.

I do not eat things like doughnuts, unless they are made in Rochester, Michigan by the Home Bakery store.
I was there just last week, and they had just sold the last of the butter cream filled Long John doughnuts to a man who had filled out a sizable order with them... as an afterthought!  They merely filled the order!  He had made no pilgrimage expressly to buy them, as did I!
I asked how long ago, and what did he look like, thinking to accost him and negotiate away a Long John.
The lady behind the counter smiled and said there was another source of fried cakes just a few steps away. It was then I had to swallow my pride and confess to the fact that I do not under any circumstances eat "doughnuts"... except for Home Bakery doughnuts!  (I could just see the price of doughnuts going up as I admitted my addiction!)
I said simply that I do not eat doughnuts. Her face developed a quizzical look, probably based on the fact that I had entered her store questing for doughnuts.
"I mean.... I only eat your doughnuts."
She smiled like a princess.

Calories cannot be wasted on sub-standard foods!
Like boxed doughnuts or Jolly Ranchers... or - worse yet! - on breads that have 120 calories per slice, and which list "sugar" as their third most used ingredient.
Wasting sugar calories on a humdrum sandwich!

We almost never have fast food. McDonald's is for traveling on vacations and a pit-stop. Pizza is 123 Pizza Bistro with thin and delectable pizza. Even Five Guys does not happen more than 4 times a year.

I think I could exist on some good cheese, brown rice and spinach,  some yogurt, taboula, hummus, and the infrequent pod of pita bread made by Pain D'Or.

All washed down with Sam [sic!] Pellegrino water.

...and a Long John doughnut from Home Bakery a couple times a month.



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