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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Visions and Seizure

The cosmic events of our lives have a profound effect on us, and they "seize" our cognition. We are quite fully grasped within the visionary seizure experience of a cosmic event, such as the cycle of the year through Winter and death, through Spring and rebirth, Summer and growth, and Autumn and harvest, then decline back to Winter.

Without any Science or Desire to direct this cognition, our minds Play with it, thereby creating the entire basis for experiences of Cycles.

We play first.

Later we muse upon our experiences, and we create a Science or a Dogma or a Religion.
These items have lost most of the sense of play, except in their moments of explosive creativity. At that time, the prelates dance, the scientists laugh, and the skinflints of society crack a smile upon the lust for life.


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