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Thursday, December 04, 2014

12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

I saw this article, paused a moment, then decided not to read it.

The picture above accompanied the article. I thought it nice that so many such articles about successful guys and dolls had pix of runner-types.
I run in the mornings, and have for over 45 years.
Of course, I am of the generation that was of the opinion that if a media event had anything to do with "running" or "sweating" attached to it, it bestowed Dickensian names upon them, like The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner.
This made it abundantly clear that running had something of the unruly street urchin, pickpocket, cut-purse, rabbit-stealer, or the riff-raff that impersonated Chelsea pensioners about it.
(It is only in the recent past that we see Zen running and Yoga Jogging.)

I did read the titles for the 12 sections; I just skipped the explanatory gab.
For example, if the title of section 4 is Do Their Daily Exercise Before Breakfast, I'm sort of sure I don't have to red much more about it.
Now, if the author, in an attempt to be waggish, had titled the section using out-of-date euphemisms, such as Do Their Daily Dozen Before Breakfast, I probably would have peeked at the body of the section to determine what "dozen" things we were talking about.

I glanced at the titles.
I saw that I did most of those very same things, except for (1) writing down things I'm thankful for, and (2) check my emails.  I tried writing down things I'm thankful for once, but I did not need the list short term, and I found that long term when I went back to read the list of the great miracles of my life, I had no idea what I had been writing about!
I don't "do" emails because (a) nobody emails me, and (b) I have a thing about telephones, and that includes the very intrusive iPhone, which to me is little more than a futuristic tracking device (may as well tattoo a bar code on my cranium!),  a cause for alarm when it rings while I'm in the car and I can not extricate it from my pants pocket without guiding my auto into a concrete barrier.

Hence, today I learned that the traits of successful people are not the necessary nor sufficient causes of success, but merely accoutrements... like designer porte-manteaux or club bags or valises which attendants carry alongside successful celebrities as they march into the spa or club or salon.


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