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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Having Funn Yet?

I was watching Mel Brooks' Silent Movie, in which he plays a movie director named Mel Funn, who used to be a big cheese, but drink caused his demise into a has-been. He was with Dom DeLuise and Matry Feldman, waiting to have an interview with the studio boss, played by Sid Caesar.

They were in front of the studio office building, and they were embracing each other for the enthusiasm of the moment and for support, when two women walk out of the studio office building, and the larger version of the fair sex says to the other (on a title card) "Fags!"

Just before that moment, I had digested the fact of Mel Funn's fall from grace due to drink - again, relayed to me on a title card... Silent Movie is the film.
In the moment of their enthusiasm and support I felt a deep understanding of how people achieve the things they do - their art - and once that fame is achieved, how easy it is to support the easier version of fame in the virtual reality of mind and drugs.

I felt it very deeply.
I tasted it.
Whenever I understand something as a very basic level, I have always said that I could taste or smell it. It was no longer words and concepts and pictures. It was primitive sensation shared with even the most basic life forms: eating and smell (or, detection of things by having their molecules come into contact with the olfactory nerves).

However, I did not much like the movie, notwithstanding.


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