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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Revolt Of The Parking Lots: The Symbiosis Of Kudzu And MacAdam

"It's alive! Alive!"

As Voltaire said, "MacAdam, c'est la pépinière de kudzu ",  or asphalt is the nursery garden of kudzu.
Kudzu gives volatility and mobility to the moribund parking lots, which are strung across the face of the world like an asphalt archipelago...

... and kudzu is the Polynesian-like  race to which they gave birth, and which propagated across the islands in the sea!  (Polynesian =  poly  "many"  +  nesoi  "islands")

Petroleum techniques has pinpointed the original macadam lot in  Titusville, Pennsylvania, and DNA tests have determined that all the present day parking lot kudzu has descended from one original mother kudzu plant  (Sample 125847:kud:1957 42 40/ 83 02)  somewhere in Shelby Township, Michigan in an area described by the old Packard Proving Grounds:

aerial view

facing Old Van Dyke Road


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