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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sow The Wind...

Flag Of The Syrian Social National Party

When slapped, it is said to turn the other cheek. After that, there is no further direction.

The first response being one of peace will engender a peaceful response in most people who have offended us in some way. Those who are immune to the peaceful response have to be handled some other way.
Even Gandhi missed this essential point when it came to dealing with Hitler.

Now the Christians of Syria have taken up arms.
It's time to read and inform ourselves.

Resurgence of the SSNP in Syria: An Ideological Opponent of the Regime Gets a Boost from the Conflict
Posted by Matthew Barber on Friday, December 19th, 2014
by Joel Veldkamp

The Facebook page of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party’s Homs branch recently boasted: “The families of Homs return to their homes and thank the Party for providing security for them.”


While the SSNP does not spout sectarian rhetoric, it goes without saying that Syrian Christians perceived the rebel attacks on the Christian towns of Saddad, Maaloula, Sednaya and Kassab as attacks on their faith group. One possible interpretation of the SSNP’s vigorous fight against the Syrian opposition is that of a Christian resistance against Sunni Muslim attack...

Al Monitor
Christians taking up fight in Syria
In the midst of the civil war currently raging in Syria, the phenomenon of “fighting Christians” has appeared. It is clear that this phenomenon in western Syria is geographically confined to Christian villages in the area of Safita, its extension in Wadi al-Nasara, near the Christian quarter in Damascus, in the village of Saidnaya, in some of its surroundings in the Damascus countryside, and in perhaps limited areas with Greek Orthodox and Melkite concentrations...

Syrian Greek Catholics Fighting in Dukhaniyah


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