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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Miami Cubans Emigrees See An End To Political Welfare Benefits

Republican Senator Marco Rubio is furious over President Obama's ending of the 53 year embargo against Cuba. I, however, welcome it.

I see no reason to continue to use my tax money to support such a policy. The Cuban emigres never lifted a finger to assit me when I needed help, but then I never actually had a problem that was caused by and supported by the Politburo of International Communism.

However, I do have a whole lot of stuff made in China, which I believe is stilled ruled by the Chinese Communist Party, and everyone seems rather cool about it.

Senator Rubio, if there is a problem, it is a Cuban problem, and you and your community in Miami will have to deal with Havana on your own from now on. That is, assuming that there is a community whom you represent anymore.
In an interview, Senator Rubio responded to a question:

The Washington Post

... Another questioner pointed out that younger Cuban Americans support normal relations with Cuba.
“I don’t care if the polls say that 99 percent of people believe we should normalize relations in Cuba,” Rubio answered, later adding: “I don’t care if 99 percent of people in polls disagree with my position. This is my position, and I feel passionately about it.”
Yes, Senator Rubio, you are on your own. We should not have to support your political differences. For the last number of years this has been a political welfare hand-out to the Cuban political community in Miami, and it is right that it comes to an end.

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