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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In The World Of The 12 Monkeys

... not over against it; not as a isolated subject viewing it as an object.

We have been too long enslaved by the Cartesian dualisms of the thoughtful soul which perceives and thinks about the body and the world in which the body finds itself.
The thinking "we" are in the world, negotiating meanings, palavering, caucusing, deal making and breaking,  selling and buying in the market, making love and war. In all of this, we rarely ask which propositions we use are "true". Rather, we use those words which are part of our lives already and work to make another daily extension into the foggy future.

Quote from a book review:
The enactive approach is a growing movement in cognitive science that replaces the classical computer metaphor of the mind with an emphasis on biological embodiment and social interaction as the sources of our goals and concerns. Mind is viewed as an activity of making sense in embodied interaction with our world...
 Activity, act, doing.

As Sister Maria says in The Great Beauty  "Poverty is to be lived... not to be talked about".

We talk about everything and get nowhere. We talk about politics and terror and epidemics, and then spend time surfing for more discussion. A few years ago we talked about the Federal deficit incessantly, and now no one mentions it.
It is old hat.

We are not truly living when we are jabbering, chattering, and jibbering. We are only partly alive. We must act.
The future generations will travel in time, and avoid our era, referring to it as the Zoo of the Army of the Twelve Monkeys...
... the first monkey sees all evil, and the next eleven go on cable TV to discuss it.


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