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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Whew! Dodged That Bullet !

 Dillon Hall, Assumption College, Windsor, Ontario

I like all kinds of blogs.
I came across one that is moribund (i.e., has not been updated for approximately a year or more), and it had this chilling look into surveillance:

Random Laundry
Hot time, summer in the city

Blog! Hello! How are we today?
Since last we've spoken written, many things have happened, indeed.

1) I have been dating a wonderful man for two months (as of tomorrow, if we must be all official about it). Long-distance as we are, we're making it work. TGFS = Thank God for Skype!

It gives me chills to think of Skype back in the day I was dating three girls at once at Assumption College in Canada. Very frightening.


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