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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2 Year Old Shoots Mother In Idaho

After the shootings in Newtown, when nobody anywhere would do anything to make a sensible gun policy, when the country was crazed and was sure that the only thing to save us from the abyss was guns in everyone's hands, it was very clear that unlimited guns and weapons would mean unlimited mayhem.

If everyone can have a gun, if everyone thinks they may stand their ground and use it with impunity, if there are so many guns that the possibility of tragedies increases exponentially, then we will have tragedy after tragedy.

Not just tragedy, but bizarre and ironic tragedies that burn like an aurora across the sky and proclaim to us our madness.

Is a two year old killing his mother in a WalMart in Idaho enough?
I don't know how to respond to it. I cannot cry and I cannot laugh. It calls for some emotion that I have never expressed before.



knutty knitter said...

Only one thing to say really.....

Happy New Year!


Montag said...

Same to you, viv!