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Sunday, December 07, 2014

The High End Dimes Weigh In

When I drive to the county campus to get flu shots and go to the farmers' market, we drive through Pontiac, Michigan. I usually circle on MLK Blvd. and get off at Telegraph Road. If We are going further west, I complete the semi-circle on MLK Blvd and get off on Cesar Chavez Road.

In Pontiac, Michigan, there is a group of young ladies known as The High End Dimes, and they had a take on grand juries and the killing of young men that was extremely brief and incisive, and sort of shocked me by its power; it recalled past eras, past wars, and summed up a weaponized society better than I ever could wish to.

When I said hello, they said, speaking of the nation as a whole:

"Welcome to 'Nam."

So I had a funny look, wondering why they were referring to my Vietnam era.

Then they said:

"Welcome to Kill-A-N*****-Nam!"


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