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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Dion O'Banion's Credit Card Company

Apparently, the cost of real security on the Internet or in commercial networks - like the cost of so many other things: the cost of remaining Ebola free, the cost trying to reduce CO2 levels, etc. - is just too much to be serious about.

So we will play catch up, and "make-do in the meanwhile".

I have signed on with a credit card company - Dion O'Banion's Credit - that has taken a hint from protection rackets for the neighborhood store owners of early 20th century Chicago, and which makes it their strategy to accept  "protection"  money to defend their card-holders from prominent (yet faceless!) groups of hackers and techno-thugs. 
They hack the hack, in other words.
Dion's takes interest and some extra vig (a cut, a take) for protection, and makes our lives here much easier, since our militarized police only deal with insurrection-scale problems.

And - just guessing at the near future - when Net Neutrality is scuttled and destroyed, Dinny O'Banion's will be ready with its groups of hackers to provide illegal internet access and speed to fight against the coming Prohibition...

providing urban Internet Speakeasies instead of the present Internet Cafes, making "bathtub" broadband, or being broadband-runners sneaking access from Rogers in Canada into the States...

 "What's The Password? ...  And Yer User ID?
And Yer Momma's Maiden Name?...  "


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