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Friday, December 05, 2014

Peter Pan

The Real Hook - Cyril Ritchard

We watched Peter Pan last night on NBC.

It was live, and it was a re-make of the old ones we saw in black and white.


Well.... who the heck decided to cast Christopher Walken in the role of Hook so admirably done originally by Cyril Ritchard ?! (pronounced Ri-shard' )

Mr. Walken had no expression. It was as if in addition to a hook for a left hand, he had suffered from an attack of botox... and the Botox-monster had followed him ever since, seeking to inject the rest of him.

Apart from that big flaw, it was good.

I was surprised that after all these years, the sound quality was little different from the old days, the live broadcast picking up the characteristic background roar of real-time TV productions.
The Audio had an unmistakable hint of the kinescope about it.

On the other hand, the quality of the video had increased so greatly that it was almost impossible to obscure the flying lines attached to the actors.

Ms. Williams was wonderful.

Christopher Hewett of TV's Mr. Belvedere also played Hook on the stage.
My daughter was present once in the 4th row when she was 5 or so. Captain Hook was blustering on about how he would kill Pan.
My daughter bolted out of her chair and shouted, "Oh, no you won't!"
Mr. Hewett stopped and turned to face her and leered, "Oh, yes I will !"


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