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Thursday, December 18, 2014


I think "Katzenjammer" might be a more descriptive and precise term than "dyslexia of memory", and I think I may adopt it for regular use. I could use it in situations, like, "I had to read the whole megillah, and I made a real katzenjammer out of it!"

Anyway, "katzenjammer" is like this morning:

I am watching Turner Classic Movies' screening of Nazi Agent, starring Conrad Veidt in a dual role, directed by Jules Dassin.
Veidt in his role as the evil Nazi is appropriately menacing, and in one scene he reminded me of Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan in the recent Star Trek film Into Darkness.

So...  as I made my morning cocoa I hummed a tune:

"Fritzchen freudig, Fritzchen freudig! Morgen gibt's Selleriesalat!"
"Fritzchen freudig, Fritzchen freudig! Turing cracks Enigma code!"

translation line 1: "Little Fritz is happy, little Fritz is happy! There's celery salad this morning!"

which even incorporates Cumberbatch's recent film The Imitation Game, in which he portrays Alan Turing, but which has an unfortunate resonance name-wise to The Crying Game, which leads to Forest Whittaker, and from there to Idi Amin.............


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