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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Duck In The Crowd

Huck, the Duckster

Mike Huckabee seems to have found his calling with the Duck-troversy over the TV show Duck Dynasty.
I even read an article from Newsmax (It was a first-time reader experience for me.) about him:
"We're willing to say live and let live until someone says, 'but we want all of you who hold these views to just shut up and go away,'" said Huckabee, who is also a Baptist minister. "And I think a lot of people said, 'no, we're not going away, and we're not going to shut up. We're going to stand with Phil.'"
I will not ask about which of his descriptions of stuff you are really tight with him, Hucka-Duck. I will not ask.
It's good to have a role model, or a totem, or a hero figure to look up to. That's part of growing up.

I used to watch A&E; it used to mean Arts and Entertainment. The "Arts" have disappeared lately. Ditto with Bravo. Even Mozart would find it hard going against the likes of  The Real Housewives and Ducks.

I personally do not see the Duck-troversy as a self-defining moment, nor a movement defining moment, mainly because the manner in which the ideas were brought forth was overly graphic, and made me think more of ancient rituals of procreation as filmed by Cecil B. DeMille than Christianity. Sermons should avoid language which may enflame the spirit of concupiscence. Everything has it own time and place.

However, I did have a distinct Andy Griffith moment over the whole business.

Not Matlock. Not Sheriff Andy Taylor. (Come on! Get real, here!)

A Face In The Crowd, where he played Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes.
Patricia Neal was also in it, Elia Kazan produced it, and Budd Schulberg wrote the screenplay. If you flash on it, you are saying "Ah, ha!".
If not , Google it.

 Lonesome Rhodes

Keep in mind I am not saying that Phil Robertson (or Roberts, or whatever the name be) is "like" Lonesome Rhodes morally or in any other way.
I am saying that the process of creating fame and celebrity by the media is the same, and such machinations are fraught with dangers.

As the good Baron Frankenstein eventually said, after a long tutorial in terror, "There are some things Man is not supposed to know !"


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