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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Italian Prays For His Ignorant Pope!

Mr. Napolitano

Pray for my ignorant Pope, says Andrew Napolitano.

I guess that means Mr. Napolitano is educated and smart, whereas the Pope is..;. well, ignorant as only a former bouncer from the back streets of Argentina can be.

Mr. Napolitano's prime article of Faith seems to be:
No economic system in history has alleviated more poverty, generated more opportunity and had more formerly poor people become rich than capitalism.
Since no proof is adduced, nor is ever adduced for this statement, it is an article of Faith, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, using such beliefs as cudgels to hit people over the head with is not a good idea.
One should only use irrefutable truths to do that!

Wealth can be evanescent unless the wealthy have instituted laws to hinder the the outflows from themselves to others. There can also be laws that unfairly reward the rich. I believe the 2008 Bank Bailout to have been a trillion dollar one.
These blemishes are beneath the level Mr. Napolitano operates on, however. They are not germane to his point, which is the ignorance of this particular Pope.

Oh, well. Have at it. Time will tell, and toll.

In the meantime, the Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm passed away:  a star in the sky has set.
He was known for his revolutionary stances:

Regarding the question of beans and meat
An alleged official source has decreed,
That medicine has advanced greatly and Dr Mohsen says:

That Egyptian people specifically are
better off eating beans instead of meat,
and that eating Egyptian beans makes you as strong as an ox,
and that such complete protein cannot be found in any other food.
Eat a portion, and Dr Mohsen is responsible.

It gives you great energy and strength,
It makes you big and strong,
It’s vegetarian meat.
Eat a pot and you’ll live long and healthy.

And Dr Mohsen adds that meat is assuredly poison,
It causes stomach pains and turns you into a thief.
It causes a person to sleep more and “blow away” appointments.
In general, those who eat meat will most definitely go to hell.

Oh, chunky Dr Mohsen, you incredible source,
You need to tell the world and the world needs to know,
What does your excellency think of a crazy man who goes around saying:
“Leave us to die from eating meat,
And you can all live on eating beans.”

What do you think, Captain Mohsen?
Isn’t it a great idea?

Not all that radical.... or is it, Mr. Napolitano?
It is not really related to your article, but it is related to inequities.

Tell us your take on it.

It would be much more edifying than seeing you call the Pope "ignorant", then reading your listing of an entire litany of your own virtues!



Mr. Napolitano ignores the fact that Pope Francis is not opposed to Capitalism, but is opposed to a form of Capitalism which diverts the main riches to one group.
That group uses the laws and customs to keep this status quo, or to even exacerbate the inequity.
The fact that a seamstress in Bangladesh gets more in a clothing factory than living on the farm does not mean that the analysis has come to an end. We must see what the prospects are in the future for the seamstress and her family and her children, and her childrens' children.

Mr. Napolitano is being willfully obtuse, and insists on seeing a small corner of the world, whereas the Pope sees a panorama. It is easier to make sense of a small corner. The problem is one of scaling-up to the entire world.

I have often thought that the scale-up problem is endemic in our way of looking at things starting out from our sacred egos.
The religious geniuses of the world have given us the sure ways to individual happiness that assuredly scale-up to include the world as a whole. It is, however, a bit of work to love God and love one's neighbor. It is easier to merely tolerate them.


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