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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Shadow Of Dark Matter

MIT News
You Can't Get Entangled Without A Wormhole
... A theory of quantum gravity would suggest that classical gravity is not a fundamental concept, as Einstein first proposed, but rather emerges from a more basic, quantum-based phenomenon. In a macroscopic context, this would mean that the universe is shaped by something more fundamental than the forces of gravity.

This is where quantum entanglement could play a role. It might appear that the concept of entanglement — one of the most fundamental in quantum mechanics — is in direct conflict with general relativity: Two entangled particles, “communicating” across vast distances, would have to do so at speeds faster than that of light — a violation of the laws of physics, according to Einstein. It may therefore come as a surprise that using the concept of entanglement in order to build up space-time may be a major step toward reconciling the laws of quantum mechanics and general relativity. ...
Maybe we can do away with the Dark Matter hypothesis, if and when our understanding of gravity is amended, for it was the need for the extra mass and the extra gravity of that mass that led to the almost Ptolemaic hypothesis of Dark Matter.


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