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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Detroit's Bankruptcy And Racoon City

I just saw the opening of Resident Evil: Extinction again, and it most definitely locates Raccoon City as Detroit, Michigan,... in case you are interested.

I suppose the zombies are the poor and underprivileged, who form the faceless masses that conservatives fear.
"They are animals, essentially," says the head of the Umbrella Corporation.
Vampires are - and always have been - limited in number, and thus form the rich 1% ( even though vampires do not figure into Resident Evil, we must include them in this discussion of metaphors).

That leaves us with crazed, cannibalistic hillbillies, whose roots in our imagination are obvious: the fear of the cities against the rural areas. So also mad scientists; it is clear where that image comes from.

The psycho, serial killers are ourselves, the urban populace, and we kill only as individuals. I think the shooters fit in here: they are serial killers with a vanishingly small period of time between kills. One death does not usually satiate them. (Psychologically they are different, but in our dreams of a weaponized society, they are the same.)

Even the forces of good are compromised now. The soldiers and cops are oppressed by a nameless government, which plays with them like soulless pawns, telling them lies, misinforming them of their missions, making every Good Soldier Schweik - or Sergeant Schultz, if you prefer - expendable to a faceless future.

So what does this have to do with Detroit's bankruptcy?

Watch the movie, and shut up !


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