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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Conservative Obscurantism

The American Spectator
What Mandela called an “armed struggle,” Margaret Thatcher had called something else in 1987 when she described the ANC as “a typical terrorist organization.”
Written by a man who loves to relive The Cold War. The acme of his life may have been the wise Reagan years.

Margaret Thatcher knew terror. The IRA was after her in 1987. I knew many good Americans of Irish descent who supported the IRA  at the time, lending support, sending contributions, etc. Now some of them read stuff like this and do not bat the proverbial eye.

Not one word about reconciliation in the article, arguably the most important contribution Mr. Mandela made to his country. Reconciliation did not exist in The Cold War. No one even imagined of reconciling with one's erstwhile enemies.
So you figure, is this writer a step forward or a big lummox step backwards.


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