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Monday, December 23, 2013

Abe Simpson On Health Care

My major source of news on the Affordable Care Act is my mother, who watches FOX. They must be having a good deal of coverage, because she is always tangentially dropping tidbits into the conversation. She usually prefaces what she says by the word "but", pretending to be finding another aspect of the topic we were discussing, both which has actually nothing at all to do with it.

We were talking about the vegetables for the Christmas dinner vegetable dip, things like how turgid were those tiny vesicles which hold water and keep the snap peas at attention.
"But," she said, "I don't know how people are going to afford that health care."
I usually interject a pause here, to try to convey the notion that I am perplexed.
"What health care is that?"
"Obama Care. "
"I thought we were talking about the vegetables."
"It's just that Mike Huckabee says that his insurance even has maternity coverage," she said.

I point out that Mike Huckabee is a randy lecher, and it is a bloody good thing that he has maternity coverage for all those Arkansas gals.
Now she thinks there is a misunderstanding, and she goes into an explanation that maternity coverage is an expensive superfluity for Mike Huckabee. I decide to act like Huck is James Bond... at least, from what I hear he is. I tell her to ask her friend who works for the Waltons.
The reason Huck lost weight in the first place was to increase his animal magnetism.

I think here in Michigan the Republican legislature has passed a law that requires women - or even Mike Huckabee - to purchase separate insurance to cover any abortion, including pregnancy resulting from rape.
That sounds like an increase in the cost of coverage, but it is due to Republican shenanigans.

I do hear some costs are going up.

That is not at all like the days before I was covered by Medicare.
Back then, the Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage was going up an average of 20% per year.
Yep, things were mighty cheap in them old days. You could buy health insurance 'n' have enough left over to buy a six-pack for the old lady.

Gimme five bees for a quarter, you'd say.
Ahh, yep.


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