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Monday, December 23, 2013

'Tis The Season To Be Marley !

Scrooge and Marley's Ghost

My wife thinks I portrayed her as some sort of elitist snob - or, perhaps, a Scrooge asking whether the Poor Laws and the Workhouses were still in vigor -  in my postscript to the post Childermastide:

My wife just suggested we go to Chicago for Christmas next year, 2014. She thought a moment, then added,"That is, if you don't mind having people begging all over the place... people with their families and kids on the street, right in front of the Drake Hotel... "

She let the thought trail off.

I can not believe this. Is this our country? )

I was shocked, because I thought I was merely having her speak the truth.
Of course, plain speaking is prone to all kinds of retorts, remarks, and controversy in these times.

She filled out some detail for me of the whole affair of her trip to Chicago two years ago in even more ghastly detail:
"I mean, Montag, you could look through the windows and see white people with their little girls all dressed up for Christmas tea, and right next to you outside there was a young black mother with three kids sitting on the sidewalk, holding a sign saying 'Help me feed my family.' "
She did not think I could take the Real Dickensian, the horrible irony of Wealth against Grinding Poverty. She thought I would start dreaming of the arrogance of the masters of the world who built the Tower of Babel. I might act up rough, and go all prophet, denouncing Dives taking tea while Lazarus starves.

Maybe I would act like that. On the other hand, I might just flip on the TV and catch me an episode of Duck Dynasty.


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Arsen Darnay said...

She Who Must is certainly telling it like it is! My hat is off to her. And yes, Merry Christmas to You All!