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Monday, December 30, 2013

"Conservative" Media Pile On

 Shag Carpet

That is "pile" as in the pile of a carpet.

I do not like carpeting. I like rugs, particularly from the Middle East. I like to see them on hardwood floors. But carpeting is not to my liking. It holds the dirt, grime, dander, and dust mites forever. Carpeting is more like a zone of habitation than it is decor for my domicile.

Your can take rugs out and throw them over the clothes line and beat the dirt out with a rug beater. It will poof! into the air, and then fall to the ground.
With carpeting, you really just push the powdery dust around, creating newly cut deep furrows and harrowing the old. Discing is what you do; we let the carpet set, then turn up the dirt, discing it with vacuum plowshare.

Did you ever see a home where there's is sadness? Did you ever see it when the sun streams in through windows that have not been washed for a while, then through white curtains that look and feel indisposed, and then they hurl what's left of the masticated and undigested sunlight upon a faded carpet?
Does it not look like Harry Hope's bar in The Iceman Cometh, like the bottom of the sea rathskeller?
And are we not very sure that Harry has not cleaned the carpeting in his front room, nor has he washed the windows that front the street in the last 20 years since his wife, Bess, passed away?

Conservative media is like shag carpeting: it holds the dirt forever.
For example, even though the New York Times has published an investigation into Benghazi destroying most conservative points, they will not be expunged from the conservative collective.
That shag carpet, deep, rough, and miserly of the dust and the minute life that lives on it, will hold everything deep within its pile.

There is a point when one is no longer questioning, but is actively spreading despair.

We have passed it.

Watch what happens.



Reading the Signs said...

I can feel myself about to make a terribly trite comment about the suction power of modern vacuum cleaners. But you are undoubtedly right about the dust mites etc.

Happy new year, Montag x

Reading the Signs said...

Sigh. My comment seems to have got lost in the shag pile. I'm watching, Montag, I'm watching ...

Montag said...

No, I merely disappeared for a few days.

While I am getting used to my new computer, my old one is "painful" to use.
I have to hook it up to another display, and I get a kink in my neck.

Happy New Year, too.

Orthodox Christmas approaches, so Merry Christmas again.

Reading the Signs said...

It's Christmas here until I hear the twelve drummers drumming.

Montag said...

I used to await eagerly the 12 drummers also, until that one year when we were madly paraphrasing John Donne, and someone came up with:

And therefore never send to know for whom the drummers drum ...,

It sounded frightening at first, but we alleviated it by following up with the entire list:

And therefore never send to know for whom the swans swim...

... for whom the lords leap...

All the way down to "for whom the partridge perches..."