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Friday, December 27, 2013

Meditation 12/27/2013

Quantum Needlepoint

All expressions of intelligence are related, since they come from the same place: the mind of mankind.

Over time, they grow and they differ between themselves.

Rites and rituals were actions that tended to be enacted habitually over time. There was no dogma nor idea behind them. Rather, there was intelligent activity and there was repetition of actions that served the intelligent beings as they felt or judged there to be a need.

The genius of architecture perhaps bloomed within the caves of Lascaux, when intelligence descended within a form structure into darkness, eventually finding enough space to stand, to light a torch, and to see with awe that the vault above suddenly went into a lofty vastness; they stood in a place truly ineffable.

From architecture we can derive cozy cottages or sprawling McMansions that seem to go on forever, ever seeking volume to consume, seeking the elusive beauty of space humanly defined.

Just as religions of warcraft, violence, and eternally recurring death may come from the experience of God, so also comes the religions of help and succour and resurrection.

Nothing remains constant and still within life, and even less so in intelligent life.
That is why there are always mountains to climb and rivers to cross: intelligent life is myriad in its detail. In its desire for expression, it goes through every possibility, including those we call evil, bad, ugly.

It is the nature of intelligent life. That is the moral dimension that beautiful quanta do not have: the ability to jump into existence from the vacuum in a clumsy or nasty way. Only mankind and the animals can do that.


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