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Monday, December 23, 2013

End Of Times And Duck-ageddon

 Two Mallards Of The Apocalypse

In re A & E show Duck Dynasty, why has no one in the media called it Duck-Gate yet?

John Stewart has trashed FOX about something on the duck-troversy. I do not know exactly what, because I did not take the time to read the story. I can pretty much imagine it:  large blonde FOX female presence, blah-blah-blah, John Stewart, blah-blah-ha!-ha!-blah... and so on.

I feel as if this duck-troversy is the kind of issue that FOX's people are well equipped to discuss, so lay off, Mr. Stewart. Mr. Hannity seems to have found a treasure trove of good causes all hidden in this singular duck-troversy wrapped in a tragicomedy.
These are educated propagandists, and this duck-troversy is what they were trained for: Phil Robertson's personal opinions.

The Opinionator

Dr. David Suzuki has an excellent example of exponential growth and the implications for us and our planet at YouTube
The logic of exponential growth is akin to the logic of a run-away freight train. The normal, non-exponential, common-sense way of looking at things looks like Lac Megantic the morning after !

We have real issues of the quick and the dead.

Both sides, however, spend their time with ducks.

The welfare of us and our families is forgotten in the rush to Duck-ageddon !


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