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Friday, December 27, 2013

Health Insurance On St. Stephen's Day

Face Painting, More and More Used to Keep Away Evil
Spirits when Health Insurance is Unaffordable.  It Also is
a Practice that Some Use to Replace Child Vaccination.

We met some friends for lunch yesterday, St. Stephen;s Day, or Boxing Day, which is just another day in the Twelve Days of Christmas, all friendly and warm and...perhaps nice, perhaps; we all get a bit wacky as we age, or we become less adept at hiding it.

I won't go into detail until after the Twelve Days. Really should not complain right in media res, as it were.

So we met for lunch, and my friend and I start nibbling around the Affordable Care Act. He gives me his phone with an email from some guy who is a consulting engineer, who tells us how much he makes, tells us how hard he works, and tells us he really buys into the whole symbolic thing of "nose to the grindstone" and "penny saved is a penny earned".
He lives with a doll - remember, he is a "guy", so she is a "doll"; that's how it works in Nathan Detroit's system - and she doesn't make as much as him.
So they need some of that high priced health insurance under ObamaCare.

Quite an email, I said. Then I said "Fan email from some flounder?" I said, Bullwinklishly.

He told me blah-blah-ObamaCare-blah...

So I told the story about how our cost of health insurance under Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield skyrocketed in the years before we jumped onto the Medicare lifeboat.
One year our premiums jumped from around $600+ to around$900 per month.

That was some years ago.

I told my friend that I do not care if this engineer finds insurance expensive. It has always been expensive. My family found it expensive, but the Republican Party did not ask me for a testimonial that they could email out to the country at large.
FOX News did not cover the 35% increase to holders of private health insurance in Michigan.

No one cared then. Why should I care now?

Why should I care, when the real problem is the exponential rise in the Cost of Health Care? Insurance will continue to rise under any insurance scheme as long as the costs of providing health care rise out of control.

The Media and Ourselves has once again conspired to argue about the items of lesser importance, and once again our attention is diverted by the 24/7 merry-go-round of trivia posing as news.


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