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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Hierarchy Of Nonsense

Yesterday I wandered into my mother's kitchen, where she sat absorbing the news from FOX news.

The hot topic just at that time was whether Rush Limbaugh was correct in blasting the media for spending way too much time covering flight 370.

I think I literally sort of cock my head to one side when I come across these things. It was as if all the neurons were shipping to the starboard side of the cranium, and the old ship of self was beginning to list to one side.

I mean, if there is an event, and the media covers the event, and then Rush covers the media coverage, then here I was sitting and watching FOX cover Rush's coverage of the media coverage of the event!

And if one of the lower levels of this hierarchy were nonsense, then it would seem logical that any higher levels would constitute a Dunciad.
Yet here we all were. And we certainly did not feel like idiots. We felt like people who want to know.


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