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Friday, March 14, 2014

Arizona Papers And Arizona Brains

Jim Brown Of Arizona

What is wrong with Tea Party Republicans? I do not have a problem with the Republicans I grew up with:  Bob Miliken  and John Engler of Michigan, Bob Dole and Gerald Ford in Washington.

Of course, John Boehner fits into this mold, but I have a gripe about his debt ceiling, budget fights, and shut down the government things which caused my investments to go south.
May he find himself lighting an infinite box of cigars with $100 bills from his life savings... in a wind storm that keeps blowing out the flame before it reaches the cheroot!

However, there are the Know-Nothings and Night Riders and Tea Party:
The Root
In a post on his Facebook page that was—in theory, anyway—about federal spending, Jim Brown, who’s running in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, compared modern-day “entitlements” to slavery. But even more disturbing, perhaps, he denied that slavery was, first and foremost, a brutally violent institution:

Back in the day of slavery, slaves were kept in slavery by denying them education and opportunity while providing them with their basic needs .. Not by beating them and starving them. (Although there were isolated cases if course) Basically slave owners took pretty good care of their slaves and livestock and this kept business rolling along...

At least not all Browns think that way. I'm sure his ancestor John Brown would whoop Mr. Jim Brown of Arizona.

John Brown Of Connecticut

Which reminds me of a story from Al Zakem back in the day.
He was being processed into the Army during the Vietnam War, and he was filling out papers in a room filled with fellow recruits.

A Sergeant with roots somewhere down South called out, "Make sure ya check to see if ya have Arizona papahs (papers)..."
Al was from Michigan, so he knew he had no Arizona papers.

The Sergeant repeated this a couple of times. People began to look around, wondering why recruits from Arizona were being singled out.

After a spell, the guys figured out that the Sarge was telling them "Make sure ya check to see if ya have any errahs on ya papahs  ("errors on your papers")."

Long story short: too many Republicans have Arizona papers and Arizona brains.


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