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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sometimes A Great Beauty

 La Grande Bellezza

I went to see La Grande Bellezza again. This was the second time. I think I shall go yet once more.

There is so much in that film - the story, the music, the images, the color, the characters - that I was even more interested this second time than the first. The first time, as I recall, it took me a half hour to overcome the aches and pains derived from antique seating and to settle into a coma of enchantment.
This time I was ready, and I dove right into the dream.

About 1 hour into the film, an elderly couple barged out past me, forcing me to politely arise.
"Excuse me," said the old crone.
"Di niente, di niente," I replied.
I thought maybe she was making a trek to il bagno. Then along in her wake came the male portion, huffing and puffing.
"Worst movie I ever saw!" he said.
I put up my hands and went "Cosi, cosi... non pensarci..."

I should have told him that everything is good, but that would be a tough sell. The director constantly sets you up so that not only the characters in the film, but also the audience have their expectations assaulted and are forced to mull things over.
That is a tough sell for someone who does not want to make the effort.

Oh, yes. I sat back down. I was already in the theater's audio sweet spot. Now I was in "my spot" where the beautiful dreams of winter warm me, and in summer, the great beauty shall keep me cool.

Oh, yes. I shall see it again.


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