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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sayings From Vinton, Quebec

 The Church In Vinton Seen From Up By Arthur's Place

Vinton is the small town in Quebec from which my mother-in-law came. It was an Irish island in a vast sea of French. The French were rural and ancient, and so more so the Irish, who in their isolation kept the brogue and distinct sound of Ireland.

Among Them Be It
from Cousin Jane from Grandmother Mulvey, it is equivalent to "to each his own", but with a note of disapproval.

Collie, will you lick
from Claire Grace (my sweet mother); collie is the dog, and it is pronounced with a long O, not the short O as is normally done nowadays.
there is the idea that the cupboard is bare, my good dog, but you may lick the crumbs from my hands.


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