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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Great Beauty Of Aristotle And Aquinas 2

Jep Gambardella Above Rome

The Great Beauty Of Aristotle And Aquinas 1

I had previously compared Fellini to Aristotle, a great mind who had raised certain questions about life as we lived it in the 20th century. And I had compared Sorrentino to Aquinas, who had - in a sense - at a later date filled out the philosophy of his predecessor, and had made a great new philosophy of it.

For example, Fellini showed us the vacuous pleasure lives of La Dolce Vita, and bid us to watch and observe.

Sorrentino made us complicit with the shallow ones we watched: when Sister Maria comes into the story, we sit and judge her according to our lights. When she sits quietly with her mouth open, we at our kindest judge her to be a saintly fool.
Of course, we soon learn how wrong we are.

Fellini shows us freaks and buffoons, while Sorrentino bids us to act out our buffoonery and freakish nature in the darkling audience.

 Guido Anselmi Over Rome


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