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Friday, March 14, 2014

Nattering Nabobs Of Negativism

 Spiro Agnew

I believe that is a Spiro Agnew-ism. He and a speech writer friend set a trend in conservative thought in his day by discovering the profound nature of alliteration, and how that phonetic phenom could briefly cover up the evidence in the case.

So, I was talking with a guy at AAA about insurance yester, and somehow we got onto the pervasive negative attitudes in the country. I mean, it seems as if when I open Yahoo News in to morning, there are five or six articles guaranteeing everything from the fall of the Dow to the four Horsemen of the Whats-is.

Back in 2007, nobody had a peep about doom and gloom; everything was light and bright... or fun in the sun. Certainly not a crowd of gloomy Gusses glooming in the gloaming.
But take one little enormous financial crisis and bingo! Everybody senses the End Of Days, and sees the Grim Reaper standing on the corner, watching all the guys and dolls walk by.

Our narratives, even the truncated and brief half-baked stories of staving off destruction by purchasing gold or the coming disaster for the Obama Administration, not only reflect our mentalities, but serve as guides for the roads our consciousness will take in the future.
Narratives create the world of intelligent beings just as much as do the Higg's bosons...

For example, there is a concept of "edibility", the ability to be eaten.
If there were no carnivores or herbivores, if somehow all beings gained nutrition through ingesting electrons from the Earth (as some worms do, apparently), there would be no "edibility".

However, there is "eating". Incisors rip apart plants and animals and molars grind flora and fauna.
Edibility forms part of our world.
There are millions of cookbooks about edibility. There are articles not just about edibility, but about haute cuisine and the like.

The Narratives and Sciences of Food are as much a part of the real world as the mountains and valleys. And they are as important, for just as the mountains may be made low and the valleys be raised, so also may we give thought or not to what we shall eat tomorrow...

There is the need for eating. Couple that with intelligent beings and you get a story. That story becomes part of the world and grows.

Therefore, always make the stories good.
The women should be strong and the men good-looking and all the children above average.
Otherwise, we end up with a katzenjammer of Narratives that are scarey and resemble those old timey children's books where the scissors man cut off the thumbs of thumb suckers. Brrrr!

Everything we do resonates throughout the Universe. Act as if you all were Eponymous!!!


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