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Saturday, March 15, 2014


 Shanghai Expo East Lake Apartments, Pudong New District

I have decided to re-embark upon a study of the Chinese language.

The brother of my god-daughter married a young lady from Shanghai (and as I wrote that I flashed upon Charlie Chaplin in my mind, maybe Orson Welles, too.  Orson Welles did The Lady From Shangai, and Chaplin did A Countess from Hong Kong.)

They are coming to Glen Lake, Michigan in the summer, and have invited everyone, American and Chinese, to come and spend some time at a resort.
Since I do not wish to stand around smiling uncomprehendingly, I shall make some effort.
Maybe I'll get an invite to visit a pollution free area in China...

(And as I wrote that, I suddenly recalled that I had a dream last night about smoking two cigarettes.

I said to myself, dream-state, that that would surely interfere with my morning runs.

I think I was under the influence of the French TV series Les Revenants (The Returned), which I had just finished watching and had found very good. The French TV people do two things we don't do:
(1) show female breasts, and
(2) have people smoking.)


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