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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I said some brief things about the Svoboda, or Freedom, Party in the Ukraine. It was the opinion of many that they were almost neo-Nazis. Some people wondered why we were supporting their coup .

I do not have anything else to say on it. However, I do like reading comments on articles about such things. I do not like the articles themselves; they are too wordy and pretentious.

Here is an example from The Blaze:
I would have hoped the Blaze would have reported the correct story, the Truth Glenn will set you free, remember.
This man was beaten and forced to resign because he aired Putin’s Speech today on Ukraine’s National Television. This was his only crime – Freedom of the Press. Remember Glenn.
I see the add – watch the blaze or stay with mainstream media – well Glenn I have yet to see the difference between the two. The Truth Glenn – is all we ask. Cover the Story like it should be covered. The Truth.
Remember America: Obama and Congress support Gestapo Tactics.
Remember America.
I think there was some sort of pop-up with Glenn Beck asking whether one wanted to stay with mainstream media or get the truth with good old Glenn. This explains some of the incoherency in this comment.

I guess what I like most of all is the charming notion that some absolute Truth will set one free.
That is not quite what the passage in the Gospel of John means.
I mean, the notion that getting a news story correct will free us is quite a laugh. It sort of puts the onus of our slavery upon journalists and media types, and we get away scott free.


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