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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Experience Of The Holy

The experience of the world gives rise to
(1) our concept Reality, and
(2) our concept of Emotional Engagement in Reality.

Both of these effects become part of our experience, and thereby become part of the world for us, multiplying exponentially the effect of intelligence.

Our experience of the Holy is formed on this.
In antiquity, we did not gaze upon the thunderstorm, feel awe and fear, and seek to flee, and also to appease.

We experienced the thunderstorm and our being in it and our feelings of that being-there.
This created a new form of activity of living in the presence of powers, and we went on to live in the presence of many powers that affected us mightily. Even our night dreams of fond relationship and friendship of our parents and ancestors amazed us so greatly that we changed the proper focus at least one part of our lives from focus on the self in the world to focus on those who have gone before us.

The experience of the Holy is Living in the presence of Power.
It is folded and labyrinthine, not open and linear.
We do not stand off at a distance and throw offerings to God; we wrestle with God, as did Jacob.


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