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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An Adventure In Art (1)

I have a love for Toronto, and I am very partial to the paintings of Toronto by C.A. Jeffrey ( ). I have posted many of C.A. Jeffrey's paintings here. (I always refer to her as C.A.Jeffrey..., it is a habit I got into when living in Botswana. It seemed as if we wished to inflate reality, so we used every possible nomenclature available, and to omit any was to commit a deflation of life.)

I have also posted art, mostly of old and established Art. I think the old and established have enough venues, so I shall start posting art from artists less well known.

I shall start at C.A. Jeffrey's list of blogs, and grow outwards from there:

Sunflowers in Red Vase

Karen Margulis
Painting My World


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