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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Answers to the Paradox of Parables

Parable of the Talents - Annette Fortt

Recently the question was posed, "How could Jesus give power to a small group of leaders and send them forth to convert the world, since He must have known full well that one of the biggest fruits of a church of many believers would be worldy possessions and riches..., those very material things which would make it difficult if not impossible to enter the kingdom of heaven?"

The answer is, He did not do so.

Any justification for the riches of Christian Churches, from the Vatican to Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church to the humble store front church, are alibis for cupidity,  and they are the source of corruption.

Possessions and Assets take the Mind primitively inspired by the Holy, and split it into two columns: Spirit and Matter, and take the group of the inspired, and then split them into the Spiritual and the Accounters - each of whom hear the Parable of the Talents quite differently.

The original meetings of Christianity were within private dwellings or outdoors; those meetings were smaller and more suitable for the human mind to be inspired, yet remain free of compulsion from other humans.

Largeness and Bigness and Crowds have their own Logic of Compulsion which undermines the Holy.

The Morality of the extended mind of humanity will not be found in great masses of people huddled together in vast ecclesiastical structures of prayer, study, and ministry. The future extensions of spirituality will come from small groups who seriously devote themselves to getting a handle on the common spirit and mind of their constituents.


I had no idea where this would end up when I started it. If you are surprised, I am more surprised.

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