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Friday, March 15, 2013

Budget Genocide

 Here's Yer Fixed Sum Fer Health Care !

On Deficits and Budgets at Bloomberg's:

President Barack Obama told House Democrats this week that it’s better to make changes to entitlement programs when a Democrat is in office rather than risk doing so under a Republican chief executive, according to two lawmakers who attended...
...the centerpiece of Ryan’s budget plan is a proposal to revamp Medicare by giving people now younger than 55 fixed sums with which to buy either private insurance or to use in Medicare. Either way, their benefits would be capped under his plan, which would be a significant shift in how the currently open-ended program operates

House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, said Obama is “going to hold hostage” needed changes to entitlements by insisting on tax increases as part of an agreement.
“It’s not going to get us very far,” Boehner told reporters after House Republicans’ March 13 meeting with Obama.

Couple "fixed sums" with the transfer of all wealth to the top 1% and the general stagnation of wages, and you see this is a recipe for a genocide of all wage earners not of the elite.
Since no one in government sees fit to even attempt to control the rise in health care costs, fixed sums will be exhausted early on, and we who are not rich shall wend our way to dusky death.


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